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Ever since we’ve started co-founding a provisioning tool with Arbnor Gashi, we became more and more curious of how people are dealing with a certain problem during their ISP management routine.

Back in time we started visiting ISP’s of any range, the first ignition we had was on our visit to a self-taught Network Engineer named Mentor Dulaj, we met him and his company office/lab or whatever he used to call his workplace. He was the first owner of a middle-sized ISP company in Kosovo to get a step further in the Hoax analog technology and move to digitalized environment.

So we’ve got pretty curious of how he’s moving towards to a new medium relying in his own experience and knowledge. During this crucial process he had a software barrier of which we was working on for a while. So we offered him a beta version of our pain-relieving software, which he used to call it after using it for a while :).

The plan was all simple, providing a solution to ISP’s which was easy to use and smart enough to get things done. Therefore AlbiSmart was born back in 2013’s with its deep roots to 2007.

Day after day we keep collecting feedback for our development iterations, and yet again there are still those one-more-thing features/tools/ideas which pop-in. So our cloud app or Saas is an Agilely driven development, an Agile product to be more clear. However we strive to keep things intuitive by keeping in mind that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Currently we are working on a Release Candidate soon to be named as our 3.0 iteration, where most of our app architecture will aim being storified (app store included) as we like to call it. And most of UI will be modular and user-preferences-based.

This happens to be our first blogging post and we’ll keep them coming in the future. We’ll mostly keep posting the changes happening here and there, some detailed tutorial posts and future plans. So till then you can browse our site and maybe apply for a trial account for your ISP company.

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