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Greetings anyone, in recent months we were busy expanding our team and moving to new technologies. In this post we’ll be highlighting what’s coming up to be covered in our next release 3.0

Single-Page application is the first enhancement we have been planing to bring to this release and we believe things will go smoothly for you (as user) as the app will be serving you as it was installed within your personal computer. But again it will be serving you cloud services.

App store. Yes we’re turning modules into apps so that you can easily install needed one and uninstall another which you don’t. You will be also able to see each apps Privacy policy and Terms of use. Each app (a.k.a module) will be independent and fully-functional. You will also be able to manage app permissions. Does this mean we’ll be opening the store to public developers? Not really soon, but in future, why not.

Overall enhancements. If you are a current user you’ll experience slight changes in User Interface terms. We’ll be covering video demonstrations for this version which we’ll blog about them time after time.

Enhanced apps/modules:

  • Company
    - Products
    - Assets
  • Internet
    - Proactive Network Monitoring
    - Voice over IP
    - Config Suite
    - OID Suite
  • Television
    - IPTv
  • Management (Renamed/Restructured)
    - Work tracking features
  • Finances (Renamed/Restructured)
    - Smarter invoicing

Core underlying technologies that we use to bring you the most hybrid ISP management app are these:

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