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Germia Campus of AUK, Prishtinë 1000, Kosovo

Greetings dear readers.

It’s been long since I’ve wrote anything about our activities. But things are shaping good, we been hiring and adapting new staff members gradually and yet again there is gazillion things to do.

Today I and Arbnor Gashi we’re able to present AlbiSmart plans and vision to our local fellow ISP’s who’ve been using the software almost since it came public. And everything went well. Aside from our presentation Arbnor Gashi held a dense training about Docsis technologies and its applications in the infrastructure to the locals. You can check the event schedule here:

We’ve welcomed our guests from DriniaTech, Orangenet, ArdiNet and EGC. It was very satisfying to see the medium size companies gather and feedback about the experience they’re having with our SaaS.

Regarding the event re-occurrence there is no information from Arbnor Gashi yet, so we don’t know if it we’ll be an annual event or casual.

Later on, tomorrow we’ll be heading to Cologne, Germany and see if we can met any new ISP owners struggling with provisioning and company management, whom we’d love to help.

For those who’re interested into training materials please do send an email to:, we’d love to share the files and even Q&A’s with interested ones.

Thanks for reading.

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